Engagement And Queer Messaging In Music With Cub Sport's Sam And Tim

Sam Netterfield and Tim Nelson from Australian indie pop band Cub Sport have caught up with FROOTY TV to chat about their engagement and queer messaging/lyrics in music.

The couple are not only keen to get married but have also been vocal about the current state of Australia in regards to marriage equality.

"Having our love recognised in the same way that any heterosexual person's love would be is important," Tim told FROOTY. 

"Tim was in the hospital recently and the people there were actually amazing but I was so keenly aware that had something gone wrong I might not have the same access to rights and things just because of how the system is legislated," Sam followed up.

Sam and Tim also talked about their upcoming album 'BATS' (due for release this month) and what it's like to use queer messaging in their lyrics for the first time. Check the interview out below.

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