Abbe May 2018 Tour Dates

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Acclaimed singer-songwriter and guitarist Abbe May will be setting off on an eight date tour in 2018 in support of her long-awaited album 'Fruit' to be released on 2 February.

Abbe will be taking to the stage across the country early in the year, with more dates to be announced soon.

Featuring her latest single 'Love Decline', 'Fruit' will be Abbe's first album since coming out earlier this year, setting it up to be an open and honest offering from the previously guarded songstress.

"These songs are stories from my life. Some true, some exaggerated, but always for a purpose. I don't want to hide anymore. I am proud and 'Fruit' is my way of showing my face without shame," Abbe says.

"'Fruit' is a declaration of identity."

Pre-orders for 'Fruit' have opened. See below for Abbe May's tour dates.

Abbe May 2018 Tour Dates

14 February – Perth Festival
16 February – Ed Castle (Adelaide)
17 February – Clancy's Dunsborough (WA)
23 February – Yah Yah's (Melbourne)
24 February – Hobart Brewing Co
8 March – Lansdowne (Sydney)
10 March – Cambridge Hotel (Newcastle)
Brisbane TBA

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