5 Favourite Queer Films That Have Impacted Saint Barae

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Category: Music Published: Tuesday, 24 November 2020 16:01

A self-described 'synth-pop shapeshifter', Brisbane DIY-indie artist Saint Barae's latest single is titled 'Hollow'.

The song is "a love letter to all young queer people who have felt betrayed by those who were supposed to love them unconditionally," declares Saint Barae.

"I come from a very conservative background and 'Hollow' is about reconciling my own relationship with God and the idea of faith as I try to live life as my authentic self.

"I've been hurt by so many people I thought loved me unconditionally as a result of something I cannot change, but 'Hollow' is not a diss track – it's about choosing forgiveness when you want revenge."

Fans of LANY and The 1975 will find a lot to love about this release; a symphony of shimmering '80s-inspired synths set against rapid-fire trap beats and angelic vocals.

Ahead of his performance supporting Gold Coast artist Josh King at Black Bear Lodge (Brisbane) tomorrow (25 November), Saint Barae selects his favourite queer movies.

5: Closet Monster

This is an indie release that never quite got the attention it deserved in my opinion.

'Closet Monster' never fully commits to one genre and the end result is genius. It's part psychological-horror movie, heartwarming coming of age film and dream-like art film somehow all wrapped into one.

4: Holding The Man

This was one of those movies that was so good I had to go and purchase the original source material to read right afterwards.

It's an Australian autobiography whose authenticity is sometimes so real it hurts to watch. Taking place in the heart of the AIDS epidemic this is a story of loss that's not an easy watch – but a necessary one.

3: McQueen

Less of a queer-based biopic and more a tribute to the masterful work of the late Alexander McGueen, this documentary is a must watch for anyone interested in the elusive world of design and high fashion.

The cinematography in this is breathtaking from start to finish, and perfectly embodies the savage beauty of one of the most outspoken and irreverent designers of modern fashion.

2: Paris Is Burning

'Paris Is Burning' is one of those rare pieces of film that simply exists to observe and show reality as unfiltered and raw as can possibly be done.

Despite its complicated and controversial conception, this documentary brings subculture to the mainstream by telling the story of the legendary children of New York's ballroom subculture.

Equal parts celebration of the origins of voguing and the stories of its most prominent figures, 'Paris Is Burning' is above all unapologetic queerness, and the result is a documentary unlike anything else done before or since it.

1: Moonlight

The second coming of age film on this list is one that almost needs no introduction. 'Moonlight' exists to share stories so rarely presented in film and in a way that is so heartbreakingly beautiful.

'Moonlight' impacted me because its story is never an outward political statement; it exists in spite of cultural ideas of what it means to be black and queer, two point of views that haven't been embodied in the story of one man like anything else I've seen.

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