5 Artists Who Inspired Lupa J's 'Supermarket Riots'

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Category: Music Published: Tuesday, 06 October 2020 15:51

Sydney-based electronic artist Lupa J is in a slime-filled nightmare in their new video for 'Supermarket Riots', a dark but groovy trip into Lupa J's frame of mind at the beginning of COVID-19 lockdown – when everyone was in a state of panic.

“Just stay on the phone I need you,” Lupa J sings. “I don't like what this makes me into.”

The track comes from their upcoming album, due for a November release.

The concept of the video was dreamt up by Lupa J and their collaborator and Director James Chappell. It features visuals reminiscent of 'Dawn Of The Dead' to really bring to life the song's eerie commentary on hysteria.

'Supermarket Riots' wouldn't be what it is without those Lupa J considers their musical inspirations. Here, they list five who inspired 'Supermarket Riots'.

Caroline Polachek

I was listening to Pang by Caroline Polachek a lot when I made 'Supermarket Riots', and I think that influence really comes through in the production style and pop melodies.

Two People

The moody, spacious chorus is definitely reminiscent of some of my favourite Two People songs.

FKA Twigs

The crazy amount of different hi-hats/chaotic crash sounds is something I have done in certain songs of mine for years, thanks to my love for FKA Twigs.


I adore Lorde's lyric writing, her skill with creating snapshots of situations and emotions in very few words; using specific details and scenarios to evoke a greater feeling. I always try and do that in songs where I'm trying to capture a complex state of mind; and I was definitely trying to do that in the verses of this song.

Thom Yorke

Thom Yorke/Radiohead will always be a big influence on what I do, no matter how subtle. Similar to Lorde, Thom Yorke is fantastic at capturing a lot of emotion/complex situations in very few words. I was trying to do that with this song, particularly in the opening verses, with setting the scene for the way the world felt for me at the time, and my anxious state of mind. 'ANIMA' was one of my top albums of last year, and the production style in that has also definitely influenced a lot of what I've done lately.

'Supermarket Riots' is out now.

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