Shantay You Stay: Three Drag Queens To The Rescue In Sydney

Written by Penelope Pelecas
Category: General Published: Thursday, 24 August 2017 10:54

Ivan Flinn was savagely attacked on Sydney's Oxford Street by a homophobe. Then three drag queens turned up.

Mr Flinn was at a local kebab shop after a night out in Darlinghurst on Oxford Street’s infamous gay strip.

He overheard a rowdy group shout out an array of homophobic slurs behind him. Mr Flinn spoke to th egroup trying to defend himself and the LGBTI+ community when he was assaulted. He received a dislocated jaw and was wishing for a miracle when three drag queens swung into action and immediately intervened..

Frooty spoke with Coco Jumbo, one of the three superqueens, who described the incident: “Ivan confronted the group and said ‘this is Oxford Street, it’s full of gay people, please leave’.”

Coco, Ivy League and Vybe had also just treated themselves to a kebab after work when they witnessed the attack.

During the conflict Ivy suffered minor injuries. “Ivy stepped in and was like, ‘if you want to hit a gay person hit me, hit someone your own size’.”

“A guy pushed Ivy so I picked him up and threw him in the gutter. I don’t think they knew what they were getting themselves into.”

Due to damaged clothes and wigs, Ivan set up a GoFundMe page to try and replace some of the girls’ belongings. With instant success Ivan has raised over $9,000 for his three heroes. Coco and the girls claimed to not be fazed by the damaged outfits and were touched by Ivan’s fundraising.

“It’s so wild, no one has ever done something like that for us before,” Coco concluded.

You go girls!

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