First Footballers To Come Out Will Be Icons: Matt Lucas

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Category: General Published: Saturday, 07 October 2017 11:46

Matt Lucas, star of 'Little Britain', claims the first players [EPL footballers] to come out will superstars.

He said they’ll get every advertising contract and they’ll become really iconic.

In a video interview with the BBC he spoke of watching football matches as a boy. "I grew up on the terraces at Highbury and I didn’t really feel that safe as a gay person. There was racism in the game which the clubs have worked together to try and kick out and it’s the same with homophobia now."

Matt is the patron of Arsenal’s supporters group for LGBT fans: the Gay Gooners.

"There are so many things that could go against you in football and you don’t want to embrace anything that could be seen as a weakness. And we’re not at that place yet… inside football where people feel strong enough to come out.

It will happen, maybe in the next five or ten years.

"But it will happen, maybe in the next five or ten years – that’s what I believe."

There are no openly gay players in English Premier League. Swedish midfielder Anton Hysén came out as gay in 2011. LA Galaxy's Robbie Rogers came out after leaving Leeds.

Matt Lucas played iconic gay, Daffyd Thomas, in Little Britain.


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