Briefs: Close Encounters – The Boys Come Home To Slay In Brisbane

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Category: Arts Published: Friday, 30 August 2019 15:49

Flirty, filthy, fabulous. . . It's none other than 'Briefs'.

It's a beautiful full-circle moment for the company. . . Having made their start in warehouse parties in Brisbane's West End, they're gearing up for a season as part of Brisbane Festival.

The 'Briefs' boys are here after slaying glittering stages in London, bringing with them a heart-stopping blend of cabaret burlesque, comic caper, dazzling drag, and jaw-dropping circus.

Before they glitter-bomb Brisbane, Briefs Factory's Fez Fa'anana answers some questions.

Why do you think so many people enjoy this show so much?
Our newest production 'Briefs: Close Encounters' is a whacky, warped and theatrical flip on reality. I think audiences love escaping into our heightened world of circus, drag, burlesque, comedy and dance.

What are you looking forward to about 'Briefs' being a part of Brisbane Festival?
Brisbane is the birthplace of 'Briefs'. We started in the back room of a small bookshop in West End and now in our 11th year we find ourselves in the big fancy Playhouse Theatre at Queensland Performing Arts Centre. This is gobsmackingly exciting and it is lovely that Brisbane Festival has invited us to be part of the programme.

Why do you think it's a fit for the event?
We have been on tour internationally since 2011. We feature in festivals all over the world. It’s important that our home country and city acknowledges us as a company that is fit for the international arts festival. This show is a show that we made for this market so I really hope it fits. . .

What are your main objectives every night when you step out on to the stage for 'Briefs'?
It is important for us to entertain in our own style, to evoke progressive thinking and conversation, to represent and celebrate diverse bodies, to elevate and challenge art and make sure everyone is invited to the party.

This show has toured all the way out to London's West End. What's your favourite part about touring?
The opportunity to tour is a massive and ridiculous luxury. It has given me unbelievable experiences and new understandings of our planet and people. At times I find myself in random parts of the world in the most astonishing settings with the most unbelievable people and I wonder if my Samoan ancestors ever predicted that one of our people would ever make it that far from the island!

What is the main thing you have learnt being a part of this show?
The main thing that I have learnt is to be over-adventurous and to trust your ideas. Commit to the idea, own the consequences and learn from successes and downfalls.

And what do you hope is the main thing that your audiences learn?
I hope audiences realise the importance of acknowledging and celebrating the differences and similarities of each other. I also hope they just have a tripped out, off the scale and fully sick time.

What's the most outrageous audience moment in recent times?
An audience member once squirted breast milk on me. It was bizarre and I was definitely outraged!

Describe 'Briefs' with a song lyric.
“From little things big things grow.”

'Briefs' plays Queensland Performing Arts Centre for Brisbane Festival 11-15 September.

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