The Red Ribbon Appeal: Help Make HIV History

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Is this a worthwhile cause, or what?!

The organisers of the 2019 Red Ribbon Appeal are beckoning people to join forces in an effort to eradicate HIV transmissions, eliminate stigma, and support those affected by HIV, by participating in an annual fundraising event.

In the lead up to World AIDS Day (1 December), The Red Ribbon Appeal has been launched by AIDS Council Of NSW (ACON), the state's largest organisation specialising in HIV responses, catering to the full spectrum of sexualities and genders.

You can get involved in the Red Ribbon Appeal in a number of ways. You could host a Red Friday party (held on the last Friday of November) by organising a red-themed event at work or in your community. How you do it is up to you; there's no black and white way, so why not be red? By registering for Red Friday, all donations and proceeds will go into raising awareness for World AIDS Day.

ACON is also calling on people to do their part by volunteering to sell red ribbons throughout community and work spaces. By purchasing and donning a red ribbon, you're doing your part to help make HIV history. Put on your red ribbon and get those buckets shaking!

ACON CEO Nicolas Parkhill stresses that the focus on HIV prevention and support is as important and relevant as ever.


“Recently NSW has been experiencing the lowest rates of new HIV transmissions since the epidemic began and it’s vital that we maintain momentum,” he says. “Thanks to recent advances in prevention, treatment and testing technologies, we now have the tools to continue to significantly reduce new HIV transmissions. But we need you to help us continue our work in preventing transmission, eradicating stigma, and supporting people living with HIV.”

“This year we’re asking people to join us and help make HIV history by getting involved in the Red Ribbon Appeal, which is our most important fundraising activity of the year. By hosting a Red Friday event, volunteering to sell ribbons on the street or at your workplace, or by purchasing and wearing a red ribbon, you can help raise money and awareness.

“Even with tremendous progress being made, we cannot afford to lose focus, we must continue to work together in addressing HIV. We can all be a part of that by supporting the Red Ribbon Appeal. Any contribution helps so please be generous and support our efforts this World AIDS Day.”


Get involved in the Red Ribbon Appeal and do your part to eradicate HIV by:

Hosting a Red Friday event: Register online and you will get a host kit which contains everything you need to host a great Red Friday event.

Volunteering at a stall: Get among the hundreds of volunteers supporting the Red Ribbon Street Appeal each year. You’ll be selling ribbons in the street, at train stations, community hubs or theatre foyers. In 2019, the street appeal takes place on Friday 29 November, Saturday 30 November and Sunday 1 December.

Selling ribbons at your workplace: Transform your workplace a red ribbon site by selling ribbons at your lobby or foyer in the lead up to World AIDS Day. Red Ribbon merchandise will be provided in full. Or you can purchase merchandise packs and distribute ribbons to your colleagues.

Making a donation: Make a donation online to the Red Ribbon Appeal. With your contribution, you are helping to prevent new HIV transmissions, tackle HIV stigma and support people living with HIV.

Red Friday is on 29 November. World AIDS Day is 1 December. Head to the Red Ribbon Appeal website for more info.

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