My Drag Story At Sydney Gay And Lesbian Mardi Gras – 5 Things Amelia Airhead Rises For

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Category: Agenda Published: Wednesday, 17 February 2021 14:56

Whether it's our very own treasure 'Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert', the critically-acclaimed musical 'Kinky Boots' or the award-winning 'RuPaul's Drag Race', it's safe to say drag has truly made its mark on mainstream society.

Drag brings with it fabulous glamour, outrageous shade, gender-bending and expression, and Australia's drag alumni have truly carved a shimmering path through our cultural playbook, those finding their drag voice and persona in the present continuing to do so.

'My Drag Story' will uncorset seven queens, kings and gender-defying royals – including Event Curator Amelia Airhead, Cindy Pastel, Nana Miss Koori, Sexy Galexy and more – to reveal what's beyond the painted facade and explore the defiant nature of this unstoppable force.

Here, in accordance with the 2021 Mardi Gras theme 'RISE', 'My Drag Story' Curator Amelia Airhead (Anthony Carthew) lists five things she rises for.


Drag is real culture. When I started frocking up back in 1980s Adelaide, a true thespian once described drag to me as the arsehole of the entertainment industry. Well darl, I'm still here with my drag family – making people smile, and making coin. Thanks to all the venues who provide drag a voice and a stage – just don't use green stage lights, it brings out our beards.


All-gender bathrooms. Tell your Abbott-loving uncle all-gender bathrooms ain't ridiculous – remind him he's been slashing into a gender-neutral dunny at home his entire life.


Trans kids rock. Give 'em time – don't judge or decide for them. Protect kids from people who want to force their own religious views on them. Oh, and let's rename Margaret Court Arena to Evonne Goolagong Arena – or how about Tina Arena Arena?

MyDragStory hero


Keep the flag flying. After that awful same-sex marriage postal survey, a colleague suggested Mardi Gras wasn't needed anymore because the 'Yes' vote won. Given she wasn't all that rainbow aware, I gave her a leave pass and politely yet firmly rattled off a float load of reasons our wonderful folk will proudly prance up the street (or around a stadium) – every freakin’ year babes.


Allies in the trenches. From Neil Blewett's HIV/AIDS leadership in the '80s to Jimmy Barnes' incredible support of the LGBTQIA+ community, including rocking Mardi Gras in chaps and blue hair with an army of leathermen, countless allies have joined us in the fight over the years – thanks bitches!

'My Drag Story' plays NSW Teachers Federation 27 February.

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