Chinese Social Media Site Removes Ban On LGBT+ Content

Written by Staff Writers
Category: Agenda Published: Monday, 30 April 2018 18:13

A Chinese social media network has reversed its ban on gay content following backlash from the public.

Weibo was flooded with posts featuring the hashtags #IAmGay and #IAmGayNotAPervert, as the site's users protested censorship.

The ban was announced as part of a 'clean-up', with the popular platform saying new guidelines were put in place to 'create a bright and harmonious community environment'.

The controversy prior to this was so huge that the company's Nasdaq shares fell in value.

Recently, an LGBT+ group of more than 100 people too to the streets of Nanjing in a marathon, holding flags for gay rights. It was intended to take place months earlier, but the group's organiser said Weibo's announcement gave it 'added significance'.

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